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This is a misleading picture, D.P. Kevin Carr, director Peter John Ross, and producer John Mader. Peter John Ross only operated the camera for the exterior shots of the van. (18,534 bytes) Jessica Harris, and Clint are terrified of sound man Chris Alexis, as the gods themselves do tremble at his presence. (14,479 bytes) Director Peter John Ross and Jessica Harris, as the director gets up from lying on the floor in the back seat during the shoot. (11,833 bytes)
D.P. Kevin Carr & director Peter John Ross prepare the first shot of the day. (14,935 bytes) Director Peter John Ross preparing for the deep freeze as they do the exterior shots. (13,406 bytes) The caravan prepares before the shooting begins. The goal was to drive the red truck in front of the minivan the entire shoot for safety, as well as for lead actor Dave Carroll, so he never had to worry about a route, just acting. (16,982 bytes)
The cast before the first shot, all smiles. (16,242 bytes) An action shot of the van in motion. (5,621 bytes) Quite a trooper, Clint Lefford put in for a full day & never stopped having a good time. (11,894 bytes)

Ohio INdependent Film Festival

Film Threat review




spacer A dissatisfied father drives his kids to workand his relationships deteriorate..


Minivan was shot on super 8 movie film in January 2001.

“He learns that his teenage daughter understands life better than he does.”

Written & directed by Peter John Ross
Produced by Peter John Ross & John Mader


• Dave Carroll
Jessica Harris
Cliff Leford
Taylor & Logan Arnold

Script supervisor/continuity - Kelly Carr
Child Wrangler - Dave Shaw
Post sound & remix - Jeff Krider
Production assistant - Adam DeVore
Telecine & colorist - Bob Roberts
Sound recordist - Chris Alexis
Cinematography by Kevin Carr

Special thanks to Beth & Tom McInnerny for use of their minivan and Pro8mm for film development & transfers

Official Selection to 2001 Ohio Independent Film Festival, 2001 Drop Your Shorts Short Film Festival, 2003 Amatørfilmfestivalen Amatørfilmfestivalen in Oslo, Norway, The 2003 FLICKER Super 8 Film Festival, The Queen City Film Festival in Sept 2003

Shot on Kodak Ektachrome Film. Originally released as a "5(M)orons Production".

copyright ©2001 to Peter John Ross
SonnyBoo Productions in Association with 5(M)orons Productions