Descent Into Inferno
When a kidnapping of several students from a southern Californian high school occurs, two boys from the school pursue the captives into Mexico. There they discover a plot to open the gates of Hell by the son of Satan himself.
Osiris Rising   ** OPTIONED **
A deranged serial killer believes he is wandering around ancient Egypt, but is actually wreaking havoc in a midwestern city. An inexperienced detective and an Egyptologist must solve the puzzles left by the killer before he claims another victim.
Mall Hard ** OPTIONED **
Four teenagers stumble upon a drug deal and are forced to spend the night inside a mall. It's equal parts comedy and action as these four kids from opposite corners come to terms in this situation.
An Eccentric millionaire and a brilliant engineer build an amusement park where the attractions are meant to kill the guests. When the engineer develops a conscience, he is thrown into his own creation for the ultimate game.
Back Office
Spend one day in the life of corporate America, following Walter, the mailroom guy as he interweaves us through several hilarious short stories.
In 1943, Hitler unleashes a secret weapon of the Luftwaffe and one B-17 bomber and her crew are sent to dispatch the project known as Daedalus. En route, the plane is shot down by the mysterious air craft and the surviviors decide to try to steal this aircraft.
The Fall of Akhenaten
An action/adventure story where an American Detective must travel to Egypt to aide his friend who is being pursued by the Egyptian government while he investigates an ancient Egyptian mystery.
Come Talk To Me   ** OPTIONED **
A foreign girl ignites the passions of two brothers and tears apart the circle of friends around them accidentally. This comedy rotates around a misunderstanding and miscommunication and the hilarity that ensues.
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